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Mobile Phone Network Unlocking Services

If your mobile phone is locked to one provider, and you get "invalid sim card", "Phone Restricted", "Enter Subsidy Password", "Enter Network Lock Code" or similar when you put in another sim card, your phone will need to be unlocked.

We can unlock your mobile cell phones here. We offer several different options for mobile phone unlocking, depending on the make and model. There are many benefits to unlocking your phone, including the ability to use your phone all over the world, increasing its value, and going over to a cheaper or preferred service provider tariff, and increased versatility.


We Can Unlock Your Mobile Phone!

Please note: there is a difference between a "locked" phone, and a "blocked" phone. If a phone has been reported as lost or stolen, the network (eg Orange, O2 etc) may have blocked (also known as "barred") the phone. That phone will not work again (on any network) unless the same network provider removes the bar on the network. When a phone is unlocked (by us) the network lock on the phone is removed but if the phone is "blocked/barred" it will still not be able to make calls in the UK. Many people buy phones from Ebay or boot sales, only to find out - unfortunately - that the phones have been barred/blocked and are no longer usable.

Mobile Phone Network Unlocking Services

This can all be a bit confusing we know! Please feel free to ring or text us or email us with as much info as possible and we will endeavour to advise you as best we can.

We are, by far, Cornwall's longest-established mobile phone repairs and unlocking service provider and have built up our excellent reputation by offering a consistenly reliable and friendly service to our customers. Possibly half of our shop customers are referred to us by the main national high street mobile phone shops (like Orange and Vodaphone etc). If we can help you, just let us know.